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Two artists, one signature, a work witch relies on their shares on origins, snapshots of present and thinking of the future.
One signature that shows the constant game the artists have in their work. If the viewer quickly notices the 4 elements in the stamp, the style draws other alchemic answers. The earth is a heart and merges the two artists names. The hieroglyphic « N » shared by the forename Nathalie and Nicolas is repeated as waves or fasces in a coat of arms. Fire is here as a earl crown and a wink to the master Basquiat. Last the plane was essential for their meeting… 
From her former life as a photographer in Saint-Tropez, New-York and St-Barths, Nathalie captures the world and returns it through different mediums. She sold her first painting at 14.  Surrounded by the American Pop culture and urban art, she mixes techniques as digital art, cutting, glueing, painting on pictures to bring us emotions.
Nicolas, engineer, passionate in everything from history and philosophy to sciences grew up as a tv child, a comics books addict and a cinema fan. His photographic work relies on staging and he plays making up an image the same way he used to settle work plants or creating paper planes for origami books. 
Meaning and humour
Each piece delivers a message. Meaning is at the center of the work but humour is its vector. Sometimes the viewer is taken apart as a witness or a reader, sometimes he is full part of the picture or as a reflect on the painting.
Style and imagination
The two artists play with the iconography and culture of our society and create a comic style Pop and Street very dynamic, offering covers or bubbles. The imagination will do the rest …